模糊評論 – 光滑和閃亮嘅皮膚, 完美無瑕的青年外觀

Bluronica serum布鲁奥尼卡 係一個強大嘅化妝品, 可以恢復和保持你既皮膚嘅後生外觀, 而無需昂貴的程序, 注射, 和整形手術. 緊身光滑的皮膚天然血清係高品質嘅, 並已在市場上. 由于 100% 用於其配方嘅生物成分. 僅在 4 天, 你就可以留意你既皮膚上的第一個可見的結果. 佢變得更健康, 更光滑、更緊, 同面一個青春嘅外觀同自然的新鮮感.


參與血清創建過程的專家認為, 他們可以開發出一種創新配方, 對真皮嘅外觀產生前所未有的積極影響. 採用特殊的科學方法由各種天然產品中提取有價值嘅成分, 具有很強的緊緊感和活力. 專利產品組合的主要亮點係雪藻同塞內加爾金藻. 其屬性由活性成分, 如罗比尼亚阿卡西亚和马卡达米亚油補充.

Bluronica is available at a very attractive price as this is done in order for more ladies to benefit from the amazing properties of the cream for young and tight skin. 產品只能透過其官方網站訂購. 好多客已經喺在線美容和健康論壇上分享咗佢哋對它有效性嘅積極印象.


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你可能有興趣找出哪些是最消極的因素, 可以惡化你嘅皮膚的外觀.

  • 脫水this process occurs when the body does not consume enough fluids during the day. This causes the skin to dry. The production of sebum is declining. If the epidermis is not kept hydrated, the risk of having fine lines and wrinkles will also increase.
  • Sun UV Raysall dermatologists and specialists warn that prolonged exposure of the skin to direct sunlight will adversely affect its appearance. Harmful sun rays cause the collagen fibres to break. They also reduce the natural synthesis of elastin and collagen in the body.
  • StressMany people think that stress cannot really affect the condition of the skin, but the truth is completely different. High levels of stress and anxiety can increase the production of the hormone cortisol in the body. It causes skin aging and loss of elasticity.
  • 食煙 It is a well-known fact that nicotine is harmful to the epidermis because it causes blood vessels to narrow. This makes it harder for the skin to get the nutrients and vitamins it needs.
  • Make-up Regular application of heavy make-up is a process that damages the condition of the skin, no matter how premium products you use. All of them contain chemical elements that clog the pores and stop the dermal from getting the necessary substances for its fine look and health.


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Bluronica is a 100% natural skin serum that slows-down the formation of wrinkles by accelerating skin cells‘regeneration. Unlike many other anti-aging solutions on the market, this product works in several levels and does not have a surface effect only. 也, this bio-solution has an enhanced skincare effect that protects dermis from external factors‘negative influence.

Bluronica will help you keep your skin young and to rebuild it when the first fine lines and wrinkles have already appeared. The serum improves the face oval and it makes the skin smooth and tight. Regular use of the cosmetic solution will internally rebuild your skin cells by keeping them hydrated. This is important because with age, the skin loses not only collagen but also moisture.

bluronica, before, afterHere is a short list with the main advantages and expected effects of the innovative skincare cream:

  • Visible effect after only 4 天;
  • Boosted collagen production in 8 小時;
  • 100% 自然成分;
  • Restores the functionality of the skin;
  • Improves skin elasticity and tone;
  • Prevents destruction of skin cells;
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles;
  • 冇副作用;
  • Attractive Price and Delivery to Your Address.

Important: As of now, there are no complaints related to the occurrence of any side effects caused by the regular use of Bluronica. 呢, 然而, does not mean that such are not possible. Follow the instructions for use carefully to get the best results.


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Here is a list of the natural extracts that are part of the revolutionary formula of the anti-aging serum:

  • Snow Algae – this is a plant that grows on the slopes of the Alps. It helps with reconstruction of the lipid layer of the skin. This extracts also takes care of the firmness of the skin, thus removing wrinkles. It also activates the youth gene, which both inhibits aging and regenerates skin cells.
  • Golden Crocus and Senegal Acacia – this is a complex that improves the connection between the cells of the epidermis and the dermis. It also enhances skin’s renewal process and removes old cells from it surface layers. This ingredient also boosts collagen production and elasticity.
  • Robinia Acacia – it is rich of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and protect the skin from aging.
  • Macadamia Oil – it contains vitamins that improve skin cells‘ function.
  • Blueberry – increases collagen production and precents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Verbena – it narrows pores and improves skin texture
  • Resin – improves skin’s elasticity and makes it smooth.


apply serum

Follow the information for use that is available on a leaflet in each packaging of the anti-aging serum. According to it you need to clean your face and prepare the skin with a tonic. 然之後, you have to apply 4-5 drops of the product over the face and wait for it to get dry.

模糊 + 價錢, 以 & 交貨!


You can only get Bluronica skincare solution by ordering it from its official website. 嗰度, you will find a short online order form. Fill it in and send it for processing. Delivery usually takes up to 3 working days and the payment is cash-on-delivery based.

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總之: 布鲁奥尼卡 is a newly released anti-aging serum. 佢有 100% 天然成分, 包括來自各種植物和草藥的強大提取物. 該產品推薦用于日常使用, 不會引起副作用. 與同類化妝品解決方案相比, 效果仲好.