Do You Suffer from Pain in Your Back or Joints – Try HondroCream!


Important Update: Keep in mind that the product HondroCream is no longer available for the European market. Experts recommend the usage of HondroGel – a natural remedy for joint pain. It has a lot of positive comments and opinions at online forums.

If you suffer from pain in your back or joints, you have probably researched many ways to fight the discomfort and to deal with the main reasons causing it. These problems can be both age related and caused by types of injuries and sprains. In such cases it is advisable to have a product that can quickly and effectively fight and relieve the pain.

What is HondroCream?

The new product we would like to present to your attention is called Hondrocream – a cream, created by a team of medicine experts and leading specialists in the field of neurology and neuropathology. The product is now available on the market. However, you cannot buy it from the commercial network, but only online.

Worldwide, the Hondrocream product is actively used in various fields of medicine and many neurologists and therapists conduct successful treatment on their patients. The cream effectively relieves muscle spasms and alleviates inflammation. It also successfully treats traumas. It helps the restoration of the cartilage tissue.

This cream is specifically designed to eliminate pain and inflammation in the joints and it helps to restore the cartilage. It is created entirely by natural ingredients. It quickly removes the pain and has a prolonged action. It also relieves swelling and injuries.


Effects and Advantages of the Product

The natural cream helps to effectively eliminate inflammation, swelling and removal of muscle hypertonia, it helps to regenerate the cartilage tissue and relieves pain.

  • A wide range of action – it heals injuries and spine and joint deceases.
  • No side effects – guaranteed 100% safe use – once or regularly.
  • 100% natural product – contains active ingredients and herbs, without synthetic ingredients.
  • Verified by experts – Hondrocream is certified and meets the quality standards for this type of therapeutic products.

A Natural Combination of Bio-Extracts in a Formula for Flexible & Reinforced Joints

hondrocream ingredients

The HondroCream natural flexibility-enhancing cream includes organic extracts from various natural products. The product is intended for local application on the joint skin. It is by the Russian cosmetics manufacturer ‘Fitoprom’ Ltd. The composition is considered to have hypoallergenic and safe character. Clients confirm this in their customer reviews and user testimonial in forums with discussions on leading an active life. There are no complaints regarding contraindications and side effects in the feedback.

Below follows a short description of the main active ingredients for a natural joint and tenon reinforcement:

  • Mint Extract (Menthol): Soothes the burning sensation, reduces the redness of the dermis, eliminates pain and cramps, penetrating easily into the upper layers of the epidermis. It cools the skin and creates a sense of free movement. It is also used as a calming agent.
  • Turpentine (Pine Tree Resin & Bark) Extract: Distillate of bio-extracts from fir tree resin and bark. May strengthen bones, hair, nails, and skin. It promotes cellular regeneration and boosts the synthesis of elements important for the condition of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Red Pepper Extract (Capsaicin): An anti-bacterial and antiseptic agent. It creates a feeling of satiety and tones the body.
  • Camphor Essential Oil: The scent of camphor is familiar to everyone. It has antimicrobial, repellent (repels insects, snakes, and reptiles), cooling and anti-itching properties.
  • Horse Chestnut Extract: Used as a soothing agent for symptoms of hemorrhoids, varicose veins (varicose veins), thrombophlebitis and atherosclerosis. It contains esculin, which improves the resistance of the capillaries and their walls.
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil: The leaves of the eucalyptus tree and the essential oil made from them soothe both the body and mind and clears out the toxins from the body. The active extract eliminates pain and inflammation. The tree, itself, is also referred to as the ‘tree of life’.

How to Use Hondrocream? Instructions

For quick results experts recommend frequent use of Hondro Cream. It should be applied generously on well cleaned and dry skin by rubbing in depth to fully absorb. One hour after application of the cream you should not wash the areawith water. Apply 2-3 times a day. The cream smells great and immediately makes you feel better.

Hondrocream pain in elbow

How to Order Hondrocream? Where to Buy it?

To order Hondrocream gel you need to follow a few quick and easy steps – filling out the order form, as you are required to share info about name and telephone number. You will get a phone call from customer support to arrange all further details and then choose your preferred delivery method – where you want the product to be delivered. The final step of the process of obtaining Hondrocream is to pay for it once you get it.

If you have any questions and further inquiries you can fill out a request to connect to the operator, which between 5 and 15 minutes.

Many clients are asking to find the natural remedy for pain in local pharmacies but this is not possible. The manufacturer is only selling the ointment directly to customer to assure lowest price and direct customer feedback. Hondrocream is not availble on eBay or Amazon either.

Shipment and Hondrocream Price

The modern ointment Hondrocream is affordable. Now the cream comes at a promotional price but for a limited period of time -50%. Well if you buy more than one tube you can get an additional price discount – just ask the service center operator during the call. The price of the cream is the same in all countries only small variences are notices for recalculation in local currency. Considering the results of the cream the clients claim that the price is excellent.

Usually, the delivery period is 2-3 days after receiving the application. For some regions, it takes up to 7 working days. Payment is made on site and upon delivery.

Side Effects and Contraindications

HondroCream can be used by people of all ages without any side effects – it contains natural ingredients with no chemicals or noxious substances. The product mainly contains active ingredients and extracts of various herbs. Some of them provide the effect of freezing and reducing the pain. Looking at the clinical tests and comments online we can conclude that there are no known or reported contraindications of using the cream.


Hondrocream effectively helps people in pain. The product is all natural and can be used by men and women. It seems to work better than other alternatives on the market.

Buy now!

Important Update: Keep in mind that the product HondroCream is no longer available for the European market. Experts recommend the usage of HondroGel – a natural remedy for joint pain. It has a lot of positive comments and opinions at online forums.

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