Wintex varicose veins gel price, comments, formula

Wintex cooling gel for varicose veins 30 ml Wintex is a revolutionary product designed especially for patients with varicose veins, stiffness and pain in legs. This gel is an amazing natural solution that acts fast and works as therapy and further protection. The price is amazing and it’s more affordable than any intervention against varicose veins. According to what we have read in the customer comments the formula works immediately against the discomfort and permanently removes the inflammation. Find out more details in our top-to-bottom Wintex review.

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Wintex effect and results to know

varicose veins cooling gelWintex effect has been proven in many ways. This innovative gel has gone through dozens of clinical trials in the EU and North America. It has an official quality certificate and the approval by thousands of experienced and expert dermatology and cardio-vascular doctors. Wintex results can be expected in two phases. After the first application you will experience and amazing relieving effect. The pain is removed, the stiffness and numbness – eliminated. The first phase of Wintex effect is against the symptoms, but the unique thing about the gel is that is also kills the reason for varicose veins. Whether you have weak vessels, sedentary life or genetic predisposition to the disease, the product will help you get rid of varicose veins forever. No more useless wearing of pharmacy socks to tighten the veins! No more chemical tablets to intoxicate your stomach without feeling any relief. With this natural medicine the inflammation is stopped forever and your legs become healthy, sleek, light and strong again.

Wintex ingredients and content


Wintex ingredients have been reviewed by our team. We are amazed by the fact that this is a 100% natural medicine. In this revolutionary gel content we see no chemicals or synthetic elements. There are no GMO signs, preservatives, parabens or allergens. The organic solution uses natural medicine herbs and extracts to stimulate the fast recovery. Eventually, you receive a hassle-free and risk-free gel that can stop the growth of varicose veins syndrome for life. Here are the concrete Wintex ingredients:

  • Troxeruitine is a hypoallergenic element that stops the inflammation and supports the vessel walls. It recovers the connective tissue and removes the toxins to prevent cellular oxidative stress. As a result of this the element creates an invisible firm on the veins to stop an eventual new appearance of the disease.
  • Chestnut extract is a great natural tonic for the blood vessels. It removes the cramps, the pain, the itching and the swelling. The natural extract helps the better blood circulation and increases the cellular capacity of the capillaries.
  • Menthol is added to instantly remove the discomfort and heaviness in legs. Added in high concentration in the organic formula the herb fully eliminates the constant sense of itching, pain and stiffness in legs.
  • Ruscus extract is promoted to strengthen and shrink the veins. The herbal extract is an amazing tonic for the blood vessels. It prevents from damages of the capillaries.

What is Wintex formula?

What is Wintex is something that many people ask. Some of them are patients with numerous surgeries and no real effect against the pain and the inflammation. Other customers are just amazed how the heck a natural medicine is capable to solve such a big cardio-vascular problem. The correct understanding of what is Wintex is through analyzing its formula. And it’s true that the revolutionary Wintex formula is one of a kind. It fights the inflammation in its core and prevents further infections in future. Moreover, 99% of the customers claim to have gotten rid of varicose veins forever.

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Instructions and dose according to the manual


Wintex instructions are the steps you need to follow to once and for all forget about what it is to feel pain and heaviness in legs all the time. Of course, it’s a must to stick to the daily recommended dose. All of these things are described clearly in the leaflet step by step manual. You need to follow these Wintex instructions to get rid of the varicose veins fast and problem-freely, fully in home conditions and at an affordable price:

  • This product is made in the form of gel and it is designed only for external usage
  • You should use the gel at least 30 days to fully experience its cooling and healing effect
  • Please, do not exceed the daily dose
  • Daily dose: a small piece of the gel is applied on the affected zone three times per day
  • Note that the gel absorbs fast, but, though it’s recommended to massage the affected zone for at least 3-5 minutes
  • According to the customer comments the gel doesn’t cause any spots and smells quite pleasantly
  • Attention: always apply the gel on clean and dry skin
  • During the therapy the official producer recommends a diet rich in antioxidants
  • After the therapy is completed, it’s recommended to eat healthy food, stay hydrates and stick to an active life
  • No need to consult with a doctor before a therapy with this gel

Wintex side effects and contraindications

Wintex side effects should not worry at all. There are no side effects. In the clinical trials of the product 990 from 990 people say they have not experienced any negative reaction on skin while using the skin. The formula is 100% hypoallergenic and everyone can use it with no worries. Wintex contraindications are not mentioned in the manual, but hence the official distributor recommends a preliminary test at a small area of the skin. If you don’t feel any negative reaction, continue using the gel according to Wintex instructions.

Wintex comments, opinions and feedback posts

Wintex comments, opinions

Wintex comments are a lot. In these comments we can even meet some opinions left by specialists – doctors of 25 countries all over the world swear that they have never seen such an efficient anti varicose veins formula with zero chemical ingredients in the organic composition. The feedback posts by real customers include pictures of before and after style. It gets visible that the swollen veins indeed get recovered and invisible on the leg skin. Check out now some Wintex reviews, testimonials and opinions below:

  • Great gel with great cooling effect. The pain was removed in two days only. In two weeks I had no swelling and no discomfort while sleeping, sitting or walking. In one month no signs that I have ever had varicose veins appeared on my leg!”
  • Wintex This is not another scam and I have tried numerous tablets, cream and spray products. Of course, nothing worked. I wasted thousands of dollars for nothing. This gel is at a cheap price and does its work in a month. And after this month you forget about the disease forever!”
  • “When I was diagnosed with varicose veins I thought it’s not a big deal. But nothing helped me. Even some corticosteroid cream products. Then, I got a thrombosis and the doctors wanted to operate me. Thankfully, before the surgery I was recommended by my neighbor to try the gel. It was an amazing sense of relief after the first application. And in three weeks no signs of hematomas or varicose veins!”

Wintex price in pharmacy. Where to buy – eBay or official website?

Wintex price in pharmacy

Wintex price is great. But you will not find the original cream in pharmacy. Actually, when you ask where to buy the product do not follow any recommendations for a purchase from, eBay or Amazon, either. In pharmacy, eBay and Amazon you can find only faked products. They don’t just come with chemical compounds, but they just don’t work at all. If you want to get the original Wintex at a discounted price (-50% special price offer), follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website
  • Read the information about the products and review even more opinions by real customers
  • Enter your names and telephone number in the online order form
  • Wait for a phone call within 24 hours
  • Ask for a free consultation by the phone or directly confirm your order
  • Share your delivery address
  • Delivery time in most countries – from 3 to 5 days
  • Attention: all couriers weak protective masks to keep you safe from Covid-19 infection
  • No prescription is needed to make an online order

FINAL WORDS: Wintex is a gel that removes the pain, itching, stiffness, cramps, swelling and other discomfort typical for varicose veins. This cream has 100% natural content. All the ingredients are hypoallergenic. Please, note that the only place from where you can get the original product is the official website. The delivery is fast and right now the price is with 50% discount.

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