Hercules Day & Day: Natural Gel for More Sexual Pleasure

Hercules Day & Day GelHercules Day & Day is in the name of these now-famous disposable gel bags that are making many men (and even women) happy around the world. Recently available in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia these bags are already the subject of numerous reviews, comments and positive opinions, left by customers on the forums. Green coffee extract from antioxidant action, Gingko Biloba with its positive activity on microcircle, the Direct Dilator vessel action Arginine, the Ginseng useful as an energizing and stress-relieving and the Eleuterococcus that acts as an adaptogen tonic, are the ingredients of this extraordinary product that seems to be useful to those who have problems with erectile dysfunction.

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Let’s find out all the details of Hercules Day & Day and understand what its benefits and effects are, how to use it, what the experts say and where to buy it at a very, very affordable price!

Hercules Day & Day Gel, erectile dysfunction

7 natural remedies against erectile dysfunction

It’s the truth: you reach a certain age where having sex is not as easy or satisfying as it used to be. Many factors can contribute to erectile dysfunction (DE) – everything from smoking to cardiovascular disease to general stress – and many more men are affected than you might think. If there is an underlying health condition that causes your problems, treating the cause could get you back to top form in no time.

Of course, on the market there are a variety of drugs available to help men achieve and maintain an erection. But before you take something that could give contraindications or side effects, try these natural sexual health tips.

  • Quit cigarettes. Smoking stiffens arteries, which can have a negative effect on your erection. Decreasing blood flow to sexual organs can make it difficult to achieve an erection.
  • Look what you eat. The effect of a proper diet on the body is priceless. A healthy diet and lifestyle have numerous advantages, even in the bedroom. DE is linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, so following a Mediterranean-style diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and whole grains can reduce the chances of developing heart problems and, in turn, can alleviate DE-related issues.
  • Move. Studies have shown that engaging in aerobic exercise in middle age can be beneficial against erectile dysfunction. Opinions on this issue are mixed but researchers continue to investigate whether regular aerobic exercise in combination with a healthy diet can reduce the chance of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes, which is also good for sexual health.
  • Complete your diet with supplements. The opinions of many experts match in reporting that the use of herbs to increase sexual urges, most of these supplements have no side effects. Among the most famous plants that stimulate libido there green coffee, ginko biloba, ginseng L-arginine. But be sure to consult your doctor first if you take anticoagulants or other heart health medications.
  • Don’t forget the foreplay. Make no mistake: foreplay is important. Choose an environment that promotes intimacy and communication with your partner, which can reduce performance anxiety. Take some time to warm up and get into the right mood.

How does Hercules Day & Day work?

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Hercules Day & Day is a gel made with several natural active ingredients, all with invigorating action, especially for male intimate parts.

According to the opinions and statements of the team that made life for this product, it would be able to help, in a natural way, the organism to:

  • Fighting dysfunction;
  • Countering anxiety;
  • Encourage valid erections and improve performance;
  • Increase the size in both length and circumference;
  • Increase the duration of each individual report;
  • Give more pleasure and sensitivity to both partners;
  • Invigorate blood vessels;
  • Awakening daily passion;

Please note: the effects and results may vary from individual to individual;

5 exclusive ingredients for a natural composition

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We analyze all the ingredients that give life to this extraordinary formulation, which has already helped thousands of men around the world to rediscover the pleasure of being manly.

  • Ginkgo Biloba – Has numerous positive effects on the microcircle, including that of the pelvic area;
  • Green coffee – is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature;
  • Ginseng – offers a high invigorating and stress-relieving action;
  • Eleutheroco – an adaptogen tonic increasingly used for male vigor;
  • Arginine – a substance with a powerful direct vasodilator effect.

Hercules Day & Day is not a medicine, does not contain parabens, silicones and allergens and does not require a prescription.

From the forums: opinions, reviews and comments on Hercules Day & Day

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As already mentioned, the numerous opinions and reviews about this product, left on the forums by customers, even if it is a new product on the Italian market, bode well for its real effectiveness.

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Experts also suggest that a first cycle of 3 boxes should be carried out in order to improve the product’s effectiveness. Hercules Day & Day is a product is Made in Italy, it does not contain parabens, silicones and allergens, which could cause side effects or contraindications.

Instructions for use

The Hercules Day & Day men’s vigor gel comes in a handy package containing 20 10ml bags of cadauna. According to the manufacturer and as confirmed by the opinions of those who tried it, the gel from its highest results if applied daily in the morning and evening. Clearly it can be used even before sexual intercourse.

Here are the 3 simple steps:

  1. Application: Use Hercules day and day twice a day, morning and evening;
  2. Massage: Apply the contents of a sachet by massaging until fully absorbed;
  3. Enjoy the results: Rediscover the pleasure of unforgettable moments of passion.

The gel should be applied and massaged until fully absorbed, so that active substances can penetrate deep and naturally help the body to promote better performing erections, increase size and regularize its lifespan.

Buy the Hercules Day & Day gel at the best price!


Hercules Day & Day can be purchased in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia at the best terms and at the best price, directly on the official website. By filling out the application form on the website, in fact, you will be entitled to 50% discount on the price, free shipping and payment in the marking. The shipment is carried out in a totally discreet manner and no one will be aware of what the package contains. The price of Hercules Day & Day is the same across Europe, as well as in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia


Find your zen. We live in a society that expects high performance in every aspect of life, including sex. If you have erectile dysfunction issues, practice techniques to reduce stress every day so you can relax and enjoy intimacy without worrying about your performance.

Bottom Line: Thanks to Hercules Day & Day you’ll have all the power you need in simple disposable sachets that you can always carry with you so you don’t look bad in any situation. Hercules Day & Day is an innovative formula and is packaged in practical disposable bags with local action gel, rich in ingredients that can strengthen the vigour of every man, at any age and give couples a newfound passion.

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