FungaXT – The One and Only Solution You Will Ever Need for Nail Fungal Infection

FungaXT CreamFungaXT is an anti-fungal cream which has been developed after years of research and clinical trials. It is a unique cream which brings about instant relief from the symptoms of foot and nail fungus. The product has effective healing properties and it is made using natural ingredients only which work extremely well to help sufferers get relief from the irritating symptoms of the infection.

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Regardless of how clean you keep your feet, chances are they will come into contact with germs, bacteria and microorganisms that have the potential to cause infections. Our immune system is responsible for preventing these culprits from invading the body, but sometimes, the immune system is weak and therefore is unable to prevent such attacks.

Fungal infection on the feet or toenails usually appears in the form of discoloration, crumbling edges and skin thickening. It is estimated that at least ten percent of the human population suffer from foot or nail fungal infection.

The condition may be mild or severe. But, if it is painful, smelly or affects your ability to walk, then it is time that you do something about it.

What are The Causes of Fungal Infection?

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Nail fungal infections are caused by fungi which is a kind of microscopic organism. Usually, the microorganisms are able to multiply without sunlight and are therefore able to thrive in areas such as under the nails, between the toes and under the skin. Various kinds of molds and yeasts can also cause infections of the toes and nails.

Pathogens which are responsible for causing such infections are able to penetrate the skin through cuts, wounds and open areas between the nail and the skin. They thrive in moist and warm environments.

Who is at Risk?

sneakers, spaFungal nail infection can affect anyone, but they are mostly common among the elderly population. However, there are some factors which can increase the risk of developing fungal infection. Let’s take a look.

  • Inadequate blood circulation
  • Family history of such infections
  • Nails which grow very slow
  • Work environment which is humid and moist
  • Heavy perspiration
  • Wearing closed shoes or socks all the time which prevents proper ventilation to the foot
  • Not wearing proper footwear in damp places such as public swimming pools, shower rooms and gyms
  • Weak immune system
  • AIDS, Diabetes or another diseases which weaken the immune system

Symptoms of Nail Fungus

In the case of nail fungal infection, one of the common symptoms experienced by the sufferer is pain at the toe tips. The infection can also emit unpleasant odour.

Skin lesions known as dermatophytids can also occur as a result of fungal infections on the nail or foot. The sufferer may experience rashes and itchiness which may be similar to having an allergic reaction.

Nails that become infected with fungus usually thicken and become brittle and crumbly. They lose their color and become yellowish, dull and distorted. Fungal infection may also cause scaling, onycholysis and lateral onchomycosis.

How Does FungaXT Anti-Fungal Cream Work?

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People who suffer from fungal infections on their feet and nails can get their problems solved with the help of FungaXT. It is quite true that the sufferers of fungal infection are usually ashamed to go out in the public because of the appearance of their nails and smell it emits. Fungal infection can even cause irritating symptoms which can make life difficult for sufferers.

The good news is that a cream like FungaXT acts quickly on the problem and provides instant relief. Over a period of time and continuous application of the cream, it can even help you get rid of the condition altogether. The unique composition of FingaFix makes it very effective on all types of fungal infection affecting the skin and nails on the foot.

Some of the main benefits of using FungaXT include:

  • Help fight infections caused by fungi
  • Helps get relief from itching
  • Reduces pain and redness
  • Restores the natural colour of the nails
  • Makes the skin smoother, provides nourishment and also takes away bad smell
  • Reduces nail breakage
  • Prevents the reoccurrence of fungal infection

Ingredients Used In The Natural Formula


FungaXT comprises of many natural and effective ingredients which work together to help you deal with the symptoms caused by fungal infection.

One of the main ingredients present in it is Climbazole, extract derived from daisy flowers. This special ingredient prevents multiplication of fungi and halts their development. When it gets absorbed into the skin, it reduces the itching sensation and gives relief from the pain.

Another effective ingredient contained in FungaXT is Farnesol. It is obtained from lavender and has strong antibacterial properties. It also helps reduce bad smell caused by the fungal infection.

FungaXT also contains powered leaves from certain plants which has high levels of Vitamin E. Vitamin E nourishes the skin, makes it soft, solves the problem of peeling skin and helps the skin tissues to regenerate.

Citrus fruit extracts and essential oils are other ingredients which FungaXT boasts of because of their properties. They provide a cooling effect on the affected area and leaves the skin feeling fresh and renewed.

How to Use FungaXT?

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FungaXT is a topical anti-fungal cream which can be applied directly to the infected area. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Wash your feet with mild soap and water and completely dry the skin using a towel.
  2. Squeeze the cream out of the tube and rub gently on the skin and nails infected with fungi.
  3. Allow the cream to get absorbed into the skin and work from under the skin layers to give you relief from the symptoms.

It is best to use the cream twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening before getting into bed. Doing this will ensure that the ointment gets ample time work on the infected area. It is recommended to use the cream twice everyday for about 3-4 weeks to achieve the best possible results.

Expert Opinion on FungaXT Effects


Dermatologists from around the world recommend FungaXT as an effective and powerful solution for all foot and nail fungal infections.

According to Dr. Rodrigues who is a skin care specialist from the Hewett Clinic in Botswana, FungaXT is a unique discovery which not only treats the problem on the surface, but also eliminates it from the roots. He says that it is the perfect solution for fighting all foot and nail fungal infections.

What is the Price of FungaXT?

feetYou can take advantage of the promotional offer and get FungaXT at 50% discount. But you need to be quick because this offer may not last long. The original price of FungaXT is 64 Euro, but if you order today, you will pay only 32 Euro.

How to Order FungaXT?


It is easy to place an order for this effective anti-fungal cream. All you need to do is complete a submit a short order form available on their website.

You will then have to wait for a call from their sales representative. Once your order is confirmed, it will be shipped to you and delivered right to your doorstep.

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