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Erectil capsules for male potency – Effects and Price

Erectil capsules ReviewErectil is a brand new natural medicine that will give you back what determines your male confidence – the potency. Especially made to give you plenty of orgasms and the capability to satisfy every girl in your bed these capsules make a huge breakthrough in today’s sexology. Unlike most pills and tablets that stimulate the erection this product has a long-term effect and does not cause any harms of your internal organs, your brain activity or your hormones. Besides, it’s available at a great price in Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Get more details about the return of your masculinity in our Erectil review below.

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What is Erectil? What does it serve for?

What is Erectil

Erectil is a pack of capsules that will make you a man again. A confident man that is capable to satisfy his wife, girlfriend or any lady from the disco. Erectil serves to increase the libido, as well as to bring you more endurance during sex. If you suffer from premature ejaculation or you recently you have had difficulties in giving your woman an orgasm this natural medicine is the perfect solution for you – 100% risk-free and efficient. The capsules are designed to also enhance the quality and the quantity of the sperm. This means that the product doesn’t just offer you multiple orgasms per night, but an improvement of your reproductive system. First-class long-lasting sex is no longer a mirage. It’s totally possible to achieve on a daily basis with these natural capsules. Erectil serves not to eliminate the symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, but to remove their cause and to fully recharge your masculinity. Whether you suffer from premature ejaculation due to stress, genetic predisposition, urinary tract infection or a hormonal disorder the capsules will help you instantly.

Erectil food supplement effect and results

Erectil food supplement is what you need if you want to satisfy your partner at any time and to become a healthy, active and strong man again. This product is promoted to normalize the production of testosterone and to rebuild the cellular damages in your reproductive system, as well as the urinary track. Erectil effect is visible from the first day of the consumption – you will feel more energy and will have an erection without any stimulation. By improving the blood circulation and restoring the damaged connective tissue in the genitals the capsules provide long-lasting results rather than temporary erection stimulation like many dangerous pills like Viagra do. Check out some more Erectil results you will definitely experience with the product:

  • An increase of your overall body tonus
  • Longer sex every day with no interruption
  • Recovery of the male potency in a mature age
  • Cleansing the organism from the toxins and free radicals
  • Enhancement of the muscle work
  • Harder penis for minimum 4 hours in the bed

Composition and ingredients


Erectil composition is something that many people might be concerned about. Indeed, about 98% of the tablets and pills from Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia pharmacy are hazardous and have a very strong negative impact on your liver, endocrine and cardio-vascular system. Regular consumption of such pills increases the chance for a heart attack and diabetes with up to 87%. There are no risks when taking these capsules because Erectil ingredients are organic and harmless. During the clinical trials in Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia 4000 volunteers claim to have never experienced any side effects or problems with stomach, the liver or with the skin condition. This revolutionary composition is designed based on the risk-free principles treatment for reproductive system disorders that holistic and Ayurveda medicine sermonizes. Check out now the concrete active Erectil ingredients:

  • Citrulline is a 100% organic source of the popular masculinity-boosting agent L-arginine. Thanks to it, a man feels stronger and with a higher libido. This specially tailored element gives an instant improvement of the entire cardio-vascular system and offers a higher level of stamina, as well as more orgasms.
  • Peruvian Maca is a rare organic extract is recommended for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. The natural agent also increases the quality of the sperm and can be given for treatment of serious testosterone deficiency in a man’s body.
  • Ginkgo Biloba is a fantastic organic solution to naturally increase the duration of the sexual act and to forget about the annoying urinary tract bacterial and virus infection. The element also gives a normalization of the blood circulation and guarantees a quick erection with no need of stimulation.
  • An innovative set of tropical herbs are added to the composition with one main purpose: to speed up the effect of the rest agents and to increase the immunity system reactions. In addition to these, the agents Muira puama and Cordyceps are promoted as awesome aphrodisiacs to support your libido and the performance in the bed.

What is Erectil formula and content?

What is Erectil in details? How does its formula work? The answer is in the product content. It doesn’t just work directly as a stimulator for your reproductive system and as a cleansing element for the urinary tract. Actually, Erectil formula improves the biochemical processes of the entire organism. Rather than providing a health risk like Viagra does this sexual natural medicine makes you stronger and more durable, including against the viruses and the bacterial attacks. In addition to these we are happy to announce you that this vegan Erectil content is GMO-free, has a hypoallergenic formula and contains no chemical agents or synthetic flavours and sweeteners.

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How to eat Erectil? Instructions + dose

How to eat Erectil to be safe and yet a real sex God in bed? There is nothing difficult in this short, but efficient therapy for sexual endurance and libido enhancement. In addition to these, the customers from Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia there Erectil instructions in their local languages. In this medicine leaflet you will receive a step by step manual with a recommended dose and some extra helpful information for your future sexual transformation. Here are the instructions to follow in short:

  • The product is made in the form of easy to be swollen capsules only for oral usage
  • Do not exceed the daily dose
  • Daily dose: 1 capsule per day as a minimum + 1 capsule before sex when you need to
  • How to eat Erectil? – Just take the capsule with enough water, better in the beginning of the day or right before the sexual act
  • The minimum duration of the therapy for maximum long-term results is 1 month

Side effects and contraindications

Erectil side effects should not worry you at all. There are no side effects. This information is confirmed by the satisfied customers from Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, as well as by the official distributor and the product producer. Please, note that Erectil contraindications do not exist either. During our conversation with the producer of these innovative capsules we have been informed that they can be used by anyone – regardless of the age, the reason for the erectile dysfunction or the health status. Attention: Erectil prescription is not needed to make an online order. All orders are handled anonymously so you will not have to attend any embarrassing visits at doctor’s cabinets. No preliminary consultation with doctors is necessary.

Erectil testimonials and online forum feedback posts

Erectil capsules testimonials opinions

Erectil testimonials across Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia are thousands. We have reviewed lots of online forum websites where men are complaining about reduced erection and premature ejaculation. It is where the name of these capsules appears as the only risk-free solution for such problems. Customers share in their feedback posts that finally there is a natural medicine that can make them feel like real men again. They are also happy for skipping embarrassing checks by specialists who eventually prescribe them steroids, hormones or antibiotics with a temporary effect. Among the testimonials in the online forum feedback posts we have seen comments and opinions by specialists – doctors are literally surprised for finding “such a fast-working and problem-solving universal formula for erectile dysfunction with zero negative impact on the organism”. Here are some testimonials left by real customers across Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia:

  • Erectil works! It saved me, it saved my marriage and my sex life. As a matter of fact, before the capsules I had no sex at all. Due to my diabetes erectile dysfunction I just gave up. So did my wife. But with this natural solution we have a second honeymoon right now!”
  • “It was such a terrible thing…Not being able to satisfy my girl. Feeling all the time upset and everything else, but not like a real man. I am thankful to all those testimonials I have read here and discovered the capsules. With them everything changed for me. And I do not want to brag about it, but currently my personal record is a 5-hour sex marathon!”
  • “No need to go to those embarrassing checks and to take steroids anymore. Take this natural solution and in one month you will have sex like a porn star!”
  • “Very cool product. And the price is very cheap. The delivery in Spain is very fast!”

Erectil price Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia

Erectil price Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia

Erectil price is, of course, something you might be wondering about. Whether you live in Erectil Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia or in Croatia note that the product price is the same. And as a matter of fact we are very pleased to find the capsules at a budget-friendly price. The price is cheap and affordable. Besides, it saves you so much embarrassment in future. And you embrace this treatment 100% in domestic conditions without visiting a doctor or going for some risky intervention. And now our surprise especially for you, guys: right now the standard Erectil price is reduced with 50% discount. Please, keep reading to get aware of how to benefit of this promo campaign.

Where to buy Erectil – pharmacy, Mercardona, Amazon, official website?

Where to buy Erectil at a promo price? How to be sure that the product is not faked? Do not worry, because we have decent instructions about the online order process for you. Before them, though, it is our duty to warn you. Do not buy Erectil in Mercardona, Amazon or pharmacy in Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia or in Croatia. We were informed that in these places there are many faked products. The only way to make a safe online order for the original product with a 50% discount from the price is the following:

  • Visit Erectil official website
  • Fill in the online order form
  • Do not prepay anything. The payment is at the delivery
  • You need to provide a phone number and names
  • In 24 hours you will be reached by phone to confirm your order
  • Delivery time in Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia – up to 5 days

FINAL THOUGHTS: Erectil capsules are made to repair the erection and to eliminate the risk of premature ejaculation forever in your life. This natural medicine has no side effects, but provides more endurance, strength and improved immunity system for men. You can now buy the capsules at a promo price via the official website.

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