E-Energy – Energy Saving Device That Helps Save Electricity in Your Home in 2020


E-Energy is an energy saving device which has been designed for convenient household use. It is a successful product because its users are happy with the results it offers. We found many reviews and comments online on blogs and forums which claim that E-Energy is a useful device for reducing energy consumption and electricity bills.

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Extreme cold temperatures that last for several months in a single year is a major problem for many households. Well, it is not only the cold that individuals have to fight with, but also the high costs associated with energy consumption that leave many with a hole in their pockets. Beating the cold while keeping the electricity bill low may sound daunting, but it is actually possible. Buying energy efficient appliances and products can really help keep the costs lo and your home warm. But what we are going to share with you today is information on a device that can help you reduce your electricity costs throughout the winter season.

We also conducted a research on this device and we are quite satisfied with our findings. So if you have been thinking about saving energy this winter, we encourage you to read this detailed review till the end.

From this review you will find out, what E-Energy really is, how it works, how it can help you conserve energy and reduce your power bills and what customers are saying about its benefits. Let’s get started.

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What is E-Energy?

E-Energy is an innovative and modern device which can help limit excess electricity consumption. The device has been developed by Bernadette Ltd and according to the company’s representatives, it main purpose is to help maintain static reactive voltage.

The company has developed many useful household products and devices in the past and it has enjoyed really good popularity among its European customers.

The difference in the monthly energy bill that this device can make is simply outstanding. Considering the fact that it is just a small device which can be plugged in an AC socket, it has proven to be handy and extremely useful. If fact, many users have reported a reduction of up to 40% in their energy consumption.

How Does E-Energy Work To Reduce Energy Consumption?

The electricity which powers our homes is not stable. Fluctuation is a common problem that exist when electricity is being transmitted from the power grid to the home. The constant surges and the ups and downs in current are not usable when appliances and in the household are powered. This basically means that the current which is fluctuating is not usable and goes to waste. The electrical energy which could have been used to power the home appliances gets converted into heat energy which not only goes to waste, but also is harmful for the wiring circuit and home appliances.

E-Energy works on the surge protection technology principle. It helps stabilise the fluctuating current to enable a constant and smooth output. Neither the electricity company, nor we can control the fluctuation in current and voltage. How many times it happens and when it happens is highly unpredictable. Households not only end up wasting a lot of energy in surges, but also in paying high electricity bills.

So the E-Energy device basically works as a filter to allow current to pass through. The excess current that is usually wasted is stored by the device and released when there is a drop in current. This way, a smooth and constant output current is generated.

E-Energy also helps protects devices and increases their life. It protects them from the harm that is caused by fluctuations in current. But, most importantly, they help save energy and reduce electricity bills, ensuring that you have an energy efficient home throughout the season.

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How to Use the E-Energy Electricity Saver Device?

The detailed instructions on how to use the E-Energy device is included in the packaging. However, for your information, the manufacturer has also provided instructions on their official website. Here’s how you can use the E-Energy device at home and also in your office.

  1. Plug the appliance into the AC socket where you want to limit power consumption.
  2. With a compact size of 12cm by 7 by 4cm and a weight of 125g, the device works with a permissible load of 5kW to 19kW.
  3. The device can be used on a daily basis.
  4. For larger homes and areas, multiple devices can be used.

What is the E-Energy Device Made Up Of?

E-Energy device has been made from safe materials using the latest in energy saving and current consumption limiting technology. It is made from high quality non-toxic PVC material.

Some Energy Saving Tips For an Energy-Efficient Home in 2020

Energy-Efficient Home

While the E-Energy is a great device to help you limit energy consumption and save on your electricity bills, here are some additional tips on how you can stay warm this winter without burning a hole in your wallet.

  1. Solve your heating problems – this can include making changes to your thermostat settings and upgrading your insulation. If you lower your thermostat when you are out or when you are sleeping, you will be able to see an impressive reduction in your monthly energy bills.
  2. Check for air leaks – it may not be easy to detect, but if you have air leaks, it can leave your home cold and drafty. It will also leak out precious heat that you most need to keep warm during winter. You can save money on heating costs and make your home more energy efficient by sealing window seals and closing the damper of the fireplace when not in use.
  3. Let the sun’s warmth in – open your curtains and blinds when the sun is out. It will allow natural energy to warm your home during the day.
  4. Switch to energy saving appliances – energy saving appliances can help save massively on electricity bills. If you don’t know yet, your water heater could easily make up about 18% of your utility bill. If you switch it with an energy saving one, you will be able to reduce the cost tremendously. Also, set the temperature of the water heater about 120F. This offers a simple solution to saving energy and prevents you from sustaining burn injuries as well.

User Comments, Feedback and Reviews on E-Energy

E-Energy Electric Saver has received positive reviews from its online users. We have come across great reviews and feedback on online forums and blogs which prove that E-Energy definitely works to provide a cosy home, while keeping the energy costs low. Here’s what users have mentioned about the benefits of E-Energy.

  • Reduces electricity consumption and overall monthly utility bills
  • Made from high quality, safe PVC material
  • Convenient to use
  • Highly beneficial and useful
  • No issues with current output
  • Fast and convenient energy saving solution
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to order
  • Timely delivery

E-Energy Electricity Saver Price and How to Order?

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E-Energy device is available at an affordable from the official website of the manufacturer. Depending on your individual requirements, you can get access to various promotions and discounts as well. For example, if you buy two devices, you can get the third one for free. To find out more about the discounts and promotions, head straight to the manufacturer’s website and see what they have on offer for you.

To place your order, you simply have to visit the official website of the manufacturer and submit your details through the order form. Bernadette Ltd. is a renowned and reputable company and their advice is to purchase the original device through their website only. Their representatives have stated that due to the prevalence of fake energy saving devices on the internet, they will only selling their original E-Energy electric saver through their official website. They don’t have resellers and this device is not available in stores around Europe.

So if you are looking to make a purchase, fill in the order form, confirm your purchase and wait for delivery. Depending on your location, you can expect delivery within 3-5 days.

The Bottom Line: E-Energy is a great energy saving device that is worth buying. The device offers several advantages in terms of saving electricity, reducing your utility bills and keeping your home energy efficient during the chilling winter months. Available at an affordable price from the manufacturer’s official website, E-Energy helps solve the problem of electricity fluctuation and preventing energy from getting wasted. The reviews coming in from users are mainly positive which further prove that E-Energy is a wonderful power saving device which helps reduce electricity costs significantly.

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