Boobs XL Review

In the world we are living, we are supposed to be judged by our personality. But it is quite sad that most people judge us by our appearance. The culture that we are a part of today, wants to see our external beauty. In fact, standards have been set out on what is regarded as beautiful and what is not.

Should the appearance of a person dictate the level of self-esteem and self-confidence they should have? Should their appearance be responsible for how happy or upset they are? No it shouldn’t be this way, but the society and the culture demands us to look a certain way to be more acceptable.

The breast size is a good example of the kind of insecurities women have to face. Small breasts make many women feel self-conscious and most of them don’t even want to attend social functions and events just because they are dissatisfied with the size of the breasts. They always think that women with bigger breasts look more beautiful and attractive and since they have smaller ones, they may be ridiculed or laughed at.

Women do so many things to enhance the size of their breasts. At present, there are many solutions and treatments available which can help women enlarge their breasts and boost their self-confidence as well. Some even opt for surgery, but they tend to be expensive and risky as well. Then, there are pills and creams which are more affordable, but it may take a lot of time to see the desired results. Sometimes, these methods don’t even produce positive results.


In this review, we will take a look at Boobs XL. It is a kind of topical cream which has been formulated to help women enlarge their breasts. So does Boobs XL really work? We’ll find out in this comprehensive review.

What is Boobs XL?

Boobs XL is a breast enhancing cream. According to information available on their website, this cream corrects the form of the breasts, makes them firmer and increases their size. There is no information available on the ingredients that have been used in the formulation of this product and there is also no information about its owning company.

The only thing that is mentioned is that the cream is comprised of natural ingredients which are effective in producing the desired results.

How Does Boobs XL Work?

We are quite skeptical regarding this breast enhancement cream because we don’t have information on how it actually works. According to their website, the cream should be applied directly on the breasts and massaged for few minutes every day. After this it will begin to give fuller, firmer and bigger breasts.

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Women spend years of their life waiting for their breasts to grow naturally. It is supposed to be a natural process and in most cases, the breast size is determined by genes. When the body could not make it bigger naturally, then we wonder how this cream is supposed to take care of the process?

If the manufacturer had mentioned the list of ingredients used in this cream, we would have found out how they work in conjunction with each other to offer the claimed results. Plus, there is no scientific proof available to support their claims and the effect that can be expected as a result of using Boobs XL.

How to Apply the Cream?

The cream should be applied to both the breasts one at a time. The application process that has been mentioned on their website is as follows:

  • Take a small amount of cream on one hand and rub it onto the breast.
  • Massage for 5-10 minutes or until the cream has absorbed completely.
  • Massage the other breast in the same way.
  • Repeat the step at least 2 times a day for optimal results.

Pros of Using Boobs XL

We don’t have any solid proof or evidence that this cream actually works to make the breasts bigger. But according to information available on their website, the benefits include:

Fuller, firmer and rounder breasts
Reduction in stretch marks
Slowing down of skin aging
Suitable for all women

Side Effects of Boobs XL

Since we don’t have any information on the ingredients used in the formulation of this cream, we cannot outline the side effects that may come with using it. But, breast enhancement creams are not always safe to use. You must keep in mind that the breasts are a sensitive part of the body and if you apply harmful chemicals to it, you will be risking your health.

Some of the known side effects of using these kinds of creams include skin rashes, pain and tenderness in the breasts, change in menstrual cycle, breast swelling and itchiness. It is important that every breast enhancement cream coming into the market is tested and proven to be safe.

Boobs XL doesn’t have a trusted origin or reputation. It is not a brand that is proven to be safe or is recommended by experts. Anyone who uses it will have to do so at their own risk because we also don’t recommend using this product for breast augmentation purposes.

Boobs XL Price

Usually sold at a price of 78 Euros, Boobs XL is now available at half the price. According to the manufacturers, there is a discount of 50% which people can take advantage of if they place an order quickly. While the current price of 39 Euros isn’t bad for a breast enhancement cream, it could carry risks since it is not tested and proven to be safe.

How to Order?

To place an order, you have to visit their website and complete their online form. You will be contacted by their sales reps who will arrange delivery and payment.

But, we don’t really think Boobs XL has a lot to offer in terms of its ability to enhance the size of the breasts. This is the reason our recommendation is to avoid buying it. There are better and safer alternatives on the market today. Some creams are proven to work and it will be advisable to use one of those instead of Boobs XL to see an increase in growth.


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